The New Earth Academy

Our academy for sustainable business founders offers holistic support that comprises proven business strategies as well as personal growth and leadership development.

Empowering Conscious Businesses and Leaders


We're on a mission to transform the start-up system so that founders can focus on what matters most: delivering world-changing, sustainable innovation.

As founders ourselves, we have first-hand experience of the huge pressures that come with running an early-stage business.

Traditionally, nine out of 10 start-ups fail, often due to the challenges of operating in a bottom-line, short-term focused, and disconnected system that is failing investors, founders, and our planet.

We want to turn those figures around.

That’s why our academy program aims to provide you with all the resources you need to transform yourself and your business. As well, we offer access to the all-important patient capital from purpose and values-aligned investors.


We work on the premise that, for business to transform, people must transform. Similarly, healthy, balanced people build healthy, balanced businesses.

Our academy curriculum is designed to support conscious founders who are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of personal, organisational and societal sustainability.

By nurturing our founders as human beings, and fostering authentic leadership, we hope to create an environment in which world-changing innovation can truly thrive.

The benefits are stakeholder wellbeing and cultural transformation, as well as building long-lasting and sustainable impact that increases investor ROI.