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Connect with like-minded professionals and companies that share the same mission of building and contributing towards a sustainable future.


Recruitment Services

A growing number of professionals are looking for more than a decent salary and working conditions - they also want to use their skills and experience to make a lasting change in the world.

Our recruitment service connects those professionals with projects and other like minded individuals with the same vision.

We believe that by working together people with this shared purpose can make more progress than they can as individuals. Our aim is to facilitate co-operative, mutually beneficial working relationships through our targeted recruitment programme.

Join our recruitment network and let us know what your talents are, and what kind of organisation you would like to lead or be part of in pursuit of a better career and world.

“A group of people, working in a spirit of harmony towards the same end goal constitutes an unbeatable force.”



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Identify potential candidates and job opportunities which resonate with your personal, professional and ethical standards and goals



Connect directly with suitable companies or professionals.

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Impact Driven Professionals

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